Matterport the Game Changer


3D photography is quickly becoming the “next big thing” in the real estate world because why would anyone want to see in 2D when they can see in 3DMatterport, a West Coast company, is someone we haven’t stopped hearing about and their Model is quite simple. The Matterport Pro 3D Camera is placed in multiple positions throughout a space and then rotates itself to gather data in 360 degrees. An iPad is used as a remote control and stores the data, which you can upload after the Model is processed and share it online.

Not only can you virtually walk through a listing, you can do it sitting in the comfort of your own home in nothing but your knickers. If you’re a real estate agent, we definitely recommend snagging one of these before they’re the status quo.

See for yourself at!


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  1. I am the co-owner of Advanced Virtual Imaging, a proud user of Matterport and if your willing to take your listings to the next level, email me and lets talk. We have a few success stories and they include international buyers relying only on our 3d walkthrough to purchase their 1.5 mil property. I have also heard from agents that turned to us because they lost the seller to Redfin (a current competitor) We have the same technology they have, in fact, we were using in the field first. If your thinking about going out and buying one, you might give me a call first- I can give you many reasons why its better to just contract us to take care of it for you.

    We also do HDR digital imaging as part of our package if you need it.


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