NYE Party Inspo


New Years Eve is the one-day each year where you can incorporate as many sparkles and as much confetti as your heart desires. In fact, we’re pretty sure that NYE is the quintessential holiday for glitter. Whether you’re throwing a bash or attending one, these are great places to start for your party to-do list.

Bubbly Bar – It’s not a NYE party without one of these. A “bubbly bar” allows your guests to taste and personalize their champagne drinks. A bar cart is a great alternative if you want to make the “bubbly bar” a mobile attraction. They’re the perfect display for your champagne and treats. Pop, fizz, clink!

Sparkly Bottles – Glam up your bottles and make them as sparkling as the wine inside. Grab a can of Super 77 adhesive spray, latex gloves, an old sheet, and as much glitter as you can find. Spray the bottle and sprinkle glitter over the adhesive one section at a time. Repeat until the whole bottle is covered, then shake off the excess glitter and display. Make sure to leave the top third of the bottle clean so you can pop the champagne!

Photo Booth Props – Pictures or it didn’t happen, right? Having photo props instantly adds to the fun and lowers the risk of awkward poses. You can also have a chalkboard that people write their resolutions on and hold up for a snapshot.

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