Windermere Made Inman’s Top 33!

In honor of the 33rd anniversary of the Internet protocol suite, Inman News has decided to recognize 33 people “who are changing or will change the real estate industry in 2015 and beyond.” Windermere’s fearless leader, OB Jacobi, made the list:

“OB Jacobi, broker-owner, Windermere Real Estate.OBJacobi_blue2 Jacobi took over four years ago as president of Windermere Real Estate, the firm his father founded in 1972. About that time, Windermere’s focus on technology took a 180-degree shift. Windermere stopped focusing on winning the real estate search race. Instead, the company invested in back-end technology to support agents, initiatives it openly shares with others. These moves, and others, validate the role the broker must play in the new value chain.”

We’re pretty passionate about real estate and technology around here, so this is a very proud day for us. Congrats OB and the entire Windermere team!

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