Where to Get Your Hawks Watch On

The hype happening in Seattle right now for the Super Bowl is most easily described as electric. And how could it not be? The Seahawks have the greatest fans in the NFL after all. For all you 12’s out there who haven’t made up your minds where you’re going to watch the big game, here’s our top five picks:


Frolik Kitchen+Cocktails – Motif Seattle is home to Frolik, a new bar and dining hot spot, located on the fifth floor of the hotel. This Sunday, from 6 am till 10 pm, they are holding a three part party: The Tailgate, The Game, and The Celebration. Along with classic tailgating food, there will also be grilling on the patio, a Super Bowl Commercial Bingo contest, 12th Man Hawk shots, extra TV monitors, Jello shots, a DJ, and more Jello shots. Did we mention the Jello shots?

The Triple Door – The doors open at 2 pm for a special viewing party for all you 12’s out there. They’ve opened up all three rooms for the events, so take your pick between the family-friendly Mainstage Theater area, the 21+ Musicquarium Lounge, or book your own private suite. We highly recommend making reservations.


The Bookstore Bar – Come and enjoy an all-day happy hour with two specialty drinks made just for Hawks fans. The Hawks Hottie is a cold-weather warmer featuring butter, brown sugar, spices, dark rum, and hot water, topped with Ancho Reyes whipped cream. The second was created to help ease the throat ache that many will undoubtedly experience after screaming through a full game, and is called The Throat Lozenge. It’s a mix of Ballantine’s, lemon juice, Chartreuse, and honey syrup. Just like Grandma used to make.

Volterra – Both locations, Kirkland and Ballard, will be adding to their menus this Sunday. They will also feature two drinks: The Onside Kick (ring a bell?), which boasts vodka, fresh lime sour, blue curaçao, and orange flower water. The second drink is called Deflate Brady’s Fireball, which is a house-made Fireball, something that you could savor or just shoot. The Ballard location will have a full day (12 to 7 p.m.) happy hour menu with $7 cocktails or 2 for $12.


Rhein Haus – With 20 TVs and 24 beers on tap, this place is a 12’s paradise. They open for the Super Bowl at 11:30 am. Brunch will be available until 2 pm, and happy hour kicks off at the same time ($4 beers and $8 burgers on house made pretzels buns), what could be better?

Wherever you decide to watch, we hope you all have a great Super Bowl Sunday—and Go Hawks!



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