New Chef Alert: Ethan Stowell Is Taking the Throne


Ethan Stowell has been on the Seattle foodie radar for more than a decade, and although he’s experienced some bumps along the way, he’s back with a vengeance. Setting up 10 restaurants in popular neighborhoods such as Capitol Hill, Belltown, Queen Anne, Green Lake, Ballard, and Madrona, you could say he runs this town. While Tom Douglas focuses on tourists and media, Stowell has a more subtle approach. His restaurants are “designed to be cozy neighborhood bistros. They offer a menu that’s neither fussy nor expensive, service that’s courteous, ambiance that’s warm and welcoming.” And although the two are compared a lot, they’re in separate worlds. Ethan Stowell’s 200-employee empire grosses between $10 million and $15 million a year. Crazy, isn’t it? Read more here.

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  1. luminouszest says:

    like John Howie


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