Can Cap Hill Get Any Hotter?

The Savvy Marketplace

It’s hard to argue against the notion that Capitol Hill is the hottest neighborhood in Seattle right now. And it’s getting hotter by the minute. Just ask Terra Link and Jacob Rideout. When these two proprietors of a “lifestyle brand” moved from California to Seattle, it was hard for them to find a place to sell their handmade wares. So, with just enough gumption and entrepreneurial spirit, they started their own pop-up shop on Cap Hill. Dubbed The Savvy Marketplace, it features 12 to 17 local vendors every month that sell things like bath and body products, home décor and accessories, jewelry, fashion, paper goods and more. It’s already in its fourth month and it’s basically Disneyland for Etsy lovers. But this isn’t your grandma’s flea market… while shopping, you can sip on craft cocktails, listen to live local musicians, and indulge in the featured food truck of the month. And as if that wasn’t enough, the vendors at The Savvy Marketplace donate products towards a raffle that raises money for no-kill animal shelters. Shopping for the sake of our fury friends sounds like a cause we can get behind.


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