Giving Big in Seattle: Windermere Foundation Update


Windermere Real Estate has always valued giving back to the community above all else. That’s why every time a Windermere agent helps someone buy or sell a home, a portion of their commission is donated to the Windermere Foundation. The Windermere Real Estate Company group of offices, here in Seattle, funds enhanced programs for children from low-income families in elementary, middle, and high schools, and is even looking to broaden those criteria. Here’s the 411 on what the Windermere Foundation has been up to lately in Seattle.

Our recent grant recipients:

$3,070 to John Rogers for multiple programs. Funding was provided to an equestrian camp in Mount Vernon for 25 under privileged 4th grade students. The second, a swim program for 83 K-5 students, allows them to take swim lessons from certified instructors and lifeguards to teach them an important survival skill.

$5,000 to University Family YMCA for summer day camp. The University YMCA is partnering with an organization in Lake City that caters to the needs of the East African community to fund camps for many kids who have never been to summer camp before.

$2,700  to Low Income Housing Institute. This money funds weekly hip-hop classes for up to 40 low-income youth.

$2,800 to the Hunger Intervention program. This program provides healthy packs and consistent food to children who might otherwise go hungry. Schools include John Rogers, Olympics Hills, Viewlands Elementary, Briarcrest Elementary, and Kellogg Middle School.

In one day alone, the Windermere Foundation funded over $13,000 in programs and services for local school children. We couldn’t do it without the generosity of our amazing agents. Would you like to donate or submit a grant request? Find out more on

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