Debuts & Discoveries Recap

This past Saturday, hundreds of people flocked to Magnuson Park to attend the Windermere-sponsored Debuts & Discoveries event. The event was held by University Sunrise Rotary Club, which benefited the University District Food Bank and Pack For Kids Program. There was a plentiful amount of vendors, offering both food and drinks. Here’s what stood out to us:


Chaicider From Schilling Cider – If you’re into Chai, this cider might as well have been made for you. It was one of those drinks where every time you tasted it, it just got better and better. Put down the beer and wine, because this is your new official “go-to” drink.


Wicked Pies Food Truck: If we had to pick one vendor where the line never seemed to get shorter, this would be it. Not that the other food vendors weren’t equally as yummy, there’s just something about pizza that calls to the masses. Wicked Pies pizza was the perfect combo of non-greasy, fresh toppings, and crust. Let’s face it, pizza is catnip for humans; we’ll never turn a slice (or two, or three) down.


Whitewall Brewing’s Oatmeal Pale Ale: Straight out of the gates, this is the first drink we tried. Besides the fact that the owners, Sean and Aaron, were extremely friendly, this pale ale was dangerously tasty.


The cherry on top of the event? Everyone got to take home these incredibly classy wine glasses. Windermere is honored to have sponsored and taken part in this awesome event and hope to do it all again next year!

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