Wearable Tech Isn’t Just for Humans


Wearable technology has quickly gone from the pie in the sky, to an everyday essential accessory. In fact, we’re pretty sure we see more people with Fitbits than without. Now wearable technology is even available for dogs – and no we aren’t referring to the radio-tracking collars that have been around for decades. The latest doggy gadgets can be accessed through web browsers and smartphone apps.

Typically attached to the collar, new wearables use GPS and satellite technology to figure out the whereabouts of your pup, and WiFi to monitor your pet’s health. There’s even a camera that you can attach to your furry friend’s collar that takes a photo every 30 minutes for up to 30 hours! Great way to know your dog’s level of naughtiness. Word on the street is there is even going to be a headset that reads your dog’s inner emotions by monitoring brain signals (although we think this might be taking things a tad far). So, will you invest in some wearable technology for your pooch? Visit Seattle Times for more deets.


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