Luxury Lookout: Queen Anne


119 Tower Place   

Queen Anne

$3,900,000 | 4 Bed | 3.25 Bath | 4,130 SQFT

This historic 1925 Queen Anne home just hit the market. Don’t be fooled by its age, the entire home was remodeled in 2004 by San Francisco designer Nestor Matthews and previously owned/designed by legendary Northwest designer Jean Jongeward. It’s easy to spot both their influences throughout. And the view doesn’t suck either. Top that all off with in-city privacy (which is insanely hard to come by these days), and this listing is a match made in heaven for you and your checkbook. Seriously though, we can’t stop daydreaming about spending countless hours on this terrace…with a glass of wine in hand…and maybe some chocolate covered strawberries. Then again, from this vantage point, even a bowl full of lima beans would taste divine. Even our friends at Curbed Seattle couldn’t let this listing slide by without giving it the kudos it deserves.

See this gorgeous home in all its glory at

Explore Queen Anne with us! 

Screenshot (16)

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