Update Your Home Tech


Just like you don’t want your phones and tablets to be outdated, you don’t want your home outdated either. Smart home tech has been available for years, but only now has it become truly user friendly. In order to keep up with the status quo, we’ve compiled a small list of gadgets that are easy to use, affordable, and solve real problems.

Rachio’s Iro – Watering is one of the most wasteful things for homeowners, since sprinklers are based on a clock. Iro looks up the weather for you and saves water by scheduling based on your geography and weather conditions.

Nest Thermostat – Cool your heating bills by making your heating and air-conditioning more efficient. The Nest also acts as a hub, pairing with non-Nest devices to make your home even smarter.

Chamberlain MyQ Garage – Hate that feeling when you think you might have forgotten to close the garage door? This handy device will confirm your suspicion and let you use your phone to close (or open) it from wherever you happen to be.

Cree’s Connected LEDs – More than just a parlor trick, these lights can be totally controlled by your phone and are more efficient than incandescents.

Piper nv – Web security cameras are usually just a watchful eye, but this device has a 105-decibel siren that goes off while in “away” or “vacation” mode if it detects any intruders. It also tracks temperature, movement, and humidity, and connects to window and door sensors. Say hasta la vista to a monthly subscription-based security system.



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