The Windermere Foundation Wildfire Fund


We are deeply concerned about the ongoing impact of wildfires throughout the Western United States this year. Eastern and Western Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and Western Montana have been hit particularly hard by rampant wildfires this summer. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, 65 known fires are raging throughout the states we serve, displacing thousands of families.  We have heard that many of you wish to support the emergency relief for those who have lost their homes.


The Windermere Foundation is now accepting donations to support the families that have been affected by wildfires. We will disburse donations to organizations that are serving local families based on the region you designate or by your billing zip code. One hundred percent of the funds designated to the Windermere Foundation Wildfire Fund will go to local organizations that are providing immediate assistance to those who are affected by the fires.
You can donate online at: Anyone can make a donation through this fund, so please feel free to share this email with your friends and family.

Our hearts go out to everyone who is affected by these terrible fires.

Thank you for your support!

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  1. It is important to note that the Foundation is a 501C3 so that all donations are tax deductible. I posted this on FB this morning and a friend asked about this as she is probably making a very generous donation. Please make this abundantly clear so large donors do not hesitate to contribute!


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