Over the Top: What’s the Most Outrageous Feature You’ve Seen In a Home?

IMG_7082It’s not every day you get to tour a $16.5 million dollar mansion. But yesterday we were lucky enough to be able to crash an invite-only Brokers Open event that drew more than 50 Windermere agents from throughout the greater Seattle area. You’ve heard the saying “fit for a King” but this place really is FIT. FOR. A. KING. Walking through this jaw-dropping 13,610 square-foot masterpiece honestly takes your breath away. If you don’t believe us, check out the pictures.

While we had all of these luxury real estate experts in one spot, we thought we’d ask them what the most opulent feature was that they’d ever seen in a home. When in Rome, right?

It’s probably hard to think of anything else when so much opulence is staring you right in the face. For Patrick Crowthers from Windermere’s Bellevue South office, it was the pool room of the very home we were standing in. “The attention to detail and the time it must’ve taken to mentally create and then execute the fine details,” were what stood out to him. His business partner, Leighsa Francis agreed, “It’s so over the top luxurious, huge, and high quality.” Karl Lindor, one of the agents representing the
listing, told us that the mosaic tiles of the pool room were the most over-the-top feature he’d ever seen. Specifically, “theIMG_7098 artistic design and the fact that each time you view the mosaics, new colors, new materials, and new creatures appear.” John Kritsonis, Karl’s co-listing agent on the home, was in awe with the Onyx powder room. He said it had “opulent translucency.” We should mention this place boasts exquisite marble, granite, and Onyx gleaming from floor to pillar. And a 300 bottle wine cellar. And Italian fountains. Need we say more?

Ruth Harle, also an agent from the Windermere Bellevue South office, told us about a different pool she had seen that might just be on the same level as the one in this home. She said it was “an outdoor pool with a giant movie screen so you could watch movies IMG_7009and swim at the same time.” Ruth also mentioned another home with an underground shooting range and an equestrian barn converted into a car museum. Not too shabby. Last but not least, Windermere agent Rick Franz said the most outrageous luxury feature he had ever seen was “a house that had its own recreation of a sports club and hair salon. It was very decadent.”

This home may not have a hair salon or underground shooting range, but it has just about anything else you can think of when it comes to luxury amenities and design. Even if you can’t afford the $16.5 million price tag, you can still get a taste of what it might be like to live there by watching this video. As for us, we’d be fine living in the pool room.

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