MOLLUSK – The New SLU “it” Spot

12208864_827662757332945_1369432319342517152_nWhen the SoDo brewpubs Gastropod and Epic Ales announced they were closing in August, the news hit fans hard. But everyone can dry their tears because owners, Cody Morris and Travis Kukull, have a new baby to be proud of. With a city full of beer drinkers and foodies alike, the opening of MOLLUSK was perhaps one of Seattle’s most anticipated of the year. The 5,000 square foot restaurant and seven-barrel brew house seats 100. Mollusk’s menu centers on a trio of rotating Southeast Asian curries. The rest of the menu is set to change pretty often and will be inspired by cuisine from all over the planet. This new, larger venture opened on Halloween and allows for Brewmaster Cody Morris and Chef Travis Kukull to explore and create more, which is at the very heart of all Gastropod and Epic Ales’ accomplishments over the past few years. Located at 803 Dexter Ave N, it’s time to put this brewpub on the tippy-top of your restaurant To-Do list.

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