Monthly Windermere Foundation Update

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Windermere Real Estate has always valued giving back to the community above all else. That’s why every time a Windermere agent helps someone buy or sell a home, a portion of their commission is donated to the Windermere Foundation.

Our recent grant recipients:

Henry Streuli Scholarship Fund

This year, our Sand Point office chose to help a family on Community Service Day whose son was battling terminal brain cancer. In the spring they decided that the time was right to remodel their home and they hired a contractor to expand the house.  Unfortunately, this was right before Henry’s diagnosis. Can you imagine remodeling a home in such a tough time?  The remodel eventually was nearly completed, but the back yard was never finished. The Sand Point office was able to team up and make sure the backyard was exactly how they wanted it. According to Henry’s mom, in his final days it gave him great happiness to spend time outdoors in their new yard. Henry recently passed away, so to honor him and help ensure his spirit live on for generations to come, the Windermere Foundation donated $5,000 to Cancer for College, for The Henry Streuli Scholarship.


Over 550 families sleep outside in Seattle every night, mostly single mothers with children, sleeping in places that are cold, wet, and unsafe. No child should have to sleep outside. Especially in winter. So Windermere is joining Dicks Drive-Ins to support Mary’s Place #NoChildSleepsOutside campaign with a $20,000 donation from the Windermere Foundation. For every $10,000 we raise, 25 families can get the down payments they need to move into transitional or permanent housing. The goal is to reach $500,000 by December 31. Find out more about this campaign and donate here.

The Seattle-based Windermere Real Estate Company group of offices fund enhanced programs for children from low-income and homeless families in local elementary, middle, and high schools.

Thurgood Marshall Elementary

$3,027 – Funds will directly assist children ages 8-11 who qualify for free and reduced lunch to attend all educational field trips, without cost of them, during the 2015-2016 school year. Some field trips include Seattle Aquarium, Museum of Flight, Pacific Science Center, Soundbridge at the Seattle Symphony/Beneroya, etc.

McDonald International School PTA

$760 – Funds will benefit McDonald students who take part in the school’s Free and Reduced Lunch Program. The funds will provide financial assistance to families during the holidays and to purchase two coats for students in desperate need. It helps address the disparities between families at their school, which are often felt more profoundly during the holiday season.

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