#YourStoryIsOurStory: Starting from Scratch

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Kate and Peter spend a lot of their free time on Whidbey Island, WA. In fact, Peter practically grew up there. The island holds special meaning to them and their relationship. It was the place Kate first met Peter’s family, where they were engaged and eventually married. For a couple renting a small apartment in downtown Seattle, Whidbey also offered a great escape from the city. So before they upgraded their city apartment to a city condo, they decided to invest in some land for their future vacation get-away and eventual retirement property.

Windermere Real Estate agent Linda Casale was the perfect person to help Kate and Peter through this unique journey of finding an undeveloped piece of land on an island in the middle of the Puget Sound. Soon enough weekends were spent driving from lot to lot, kicking the dirt and taking in the views. After about a month of searching, Kate and Peter came across a very special parcel that they knew right away was “the one”, and immediately started dreaming of the life and the home they would build on it. Linda guided them through the process, which is very different than buying a home, and included identifying the right companies to assess the land and provide quotes for future improvements.content_YSIOS_Kate

For Kate and Peter, finding a special place on Whidbey Island to call their own is an investment in their future together. While they don’t plan on living on Whidbey full-time just yet, they hope to build their dream home and plan for their future retirement in this special spot.

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This blog was originally posted on the Windermere Blog.

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