St. Patty’s in Seatown

St_Patrick's_DayIt’s a bit of a bummer St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, but we know it won’t keep you and your Irish friends from celebrating! Don’t forget to put on your lucky underwear and slap some green on before you head out the door to party (unless you’re into getting pinched).

Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub: You can’t talk about where to spend St. Patty’s Day without including Kells. It really is the quintessential Irish Pub of our fine city. Located in Post Alley above the market, Kells holds a grand St. Patty’s celebration every year that never disappoints.

Murphy’s Pub: This pub is located in Wallingford and has been around since May 18, 1981. There are not a whole lot of local Irish pubs and this place takes the cake for the best place to chill. This pub also happens to have some firsts: it’s the first bar in Seattle to start a St. Patrick’s Day tradition and the first bar in Seattle to pour micro brews from the tap (Redhook opened in Fremont in 1982). Murphy’s pub bleeds emerald green.

Fado Irish Pub: This pub is an Official US Soccer Bar with an old-school vibe and extremely friendly atmosphere. Fado is always poppin’ with the after work crowd, so you can bet on a full house today.

Owl N’ Thistle: This Seattle Landmark first opened its doors in 1930. Brick walls envelope a unique ambiance, and when the music gets going, you might as well be in Ireland. You can’t go wrong with a Guinness and the fish & chips.

We’re not promising you’ll find your pot of gold at any of these places, but we can promise you a solid way to spend one of the most lighthearted holidays of the year.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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