Car Prowls Up 22 Percent in Seattle


As if Seattleites didn’t already have it difficult enough when it comes to parking in the city, now we have a not-so-friendly reminder that our cars aren’t safe while parked either. In fact, 2016 numbers show 2,950 reports so far, which is a 22% increase from the same time period last year. What’s more is that they are now happening in one surprising place: parking garages. According to Detective Patrick Michaud, Downtown Seattle and Belltown are where many of the reports come from, and they usually occur between 7 a.m. and noon.

“Bad guys aren’t dumb about how they do this,” Michaud said. “They like to go into places where they know they’re not being watched as they do their dirty deeds. And they know that people come into work, and they’re going to leave their car for a few hours. That’s when criminals know they have time to get their job done, which is to break into your car and steal your stuff.”


We’ll leave you with a few tips from Michaud: Remove all of your valuables and toss your visible belongings and bags in the trunk. If your car is stored in a carport or parked near your house, leave your exterior lights on throughout the night. He also says to remove keys and lock your car, but if you don’t do that already, you’re really asking for it.

Want to read more? Click here.

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