Seattle Is Diverse as Ever

According to the FYI Guy and the geographic diversity index, Seattle ranked #3 with a score of 79.3, only behind Las Vegas and Colorado Springs. In fact, the Seattle Times states that “if you were to compare any two Seattleites at random, there’s about a 79 percent chance they were born in different areas of the country or the world.” Pretty crazy, right? In fact, only 38 percent of Seattle residents are native Washingtonians, which puts our city as the fourth lowest for percentage of people born in-state. New York might be a giant melting pot, but they top us with a significantly higher concentration of residents born in-state with 48 percent.rf

For those of us that think we get a lot of Californians moving up here, that just isn’t so. FYI Guy says that “even though it might seem as if everybody in Seattle is from California, we only rank fourth for the percentage of residents born in the West, but out-of-state. Las Vegas, Portland and Mesa, Ariz., are the top three, in that order.”

Maybe this has partially led to the nightmare that is Seattle traffic, maybe not. Either way, we’re basically the most interesting city in the U.S. now. Curious how geographically diverse your neighborhood is? This map has all of your answers.

Read more on the Seattle Times.

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