Take a Bite out of Seattle This Weekend!

Summer is especially precious in the Pacific Northwest. We endure so many months of mist, rain, dark clouds and wind, that when the heavens open for three glorious months we react something like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Once Festival Season starts in Seattle, there are plenty of options available for outdoor entertainment, and this weekend’s Bite of Seattle certainly ranks as one of the most popular.

The Bite originated at Green Lake in 1983 with 25 different restaurants offering small plates and samples for attendees.  Now 35 years later, it has become one of the largest foodie festivals in the US, with venues for beer, wine and cider tasting, as well.

Besides wandering the vendors and food trucks eating copious amounts of food, there are plenty of other fun things to do in between meals, like taking in live music, beer tasting and even a free movie night.  Click here for more info about Bite of Seattle.


Food for a Cause

The Alley is a restaurant showcase at The Bite benefiting Food Lifeline, a hunger relief organization that currently provides 88,000 meals every single day to those in need in Western Washington. Admission is $12 that includes a multi-course meal of tastes from a selection of 6 of the area’s best restaurants.


The Bite Cooks!

Live cooking demos and cooking challenges by local chefs from notable restaurants all over Seattle are always fun to watch.


Free Bite Movie Night

Watching movies under the stars used to be something you could only do at a drive-in theater.  The Bite of Seattle has brought this lovely, simple pleasure back by hosting a free movie night at The Mural Lawn Stage.

Bite of Seattle 2010 - Seattle Center - Festivals INC.


Live music and entertainment is basically a part of our DNA in Seattle and this includes being at The Bite. With 5 stages and nearly 100 acts in all – there is certain to be something for everyone this year.




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