Haunted Houses: Parties and Interactive Entertainment

Who says Halloween is just for kids?

Remember when being an adult on Halloween meant handing out candy and watching movies at home? Halloween is not only popular with children; more adults are actively celebrating the holiday and venues are rolling out the red carpet for them.  We’ve gathered a list of adult-only entertainment options in Seattle this weekend, varying from from haunted houses, party events, to live theater and more.


Seattle’s largest immersive experience of horror and intrigue; choose your own path and test your bravery as you crawl beneath the skin of this gruesome open world at Seattle Immersive Theatre.

Georgetown Morgue

This Halloween you can’t miss the scariest and best haunted attraction in the entire state of Washington, The Georgetown Morgue.

HAUNT: The Ultimate Halloween Bash

Nearly 2,000 guests will converge on the EMP Museum in Downtown Seattle to enjoy multiple rooms of entertainment, theme decorations, and a gigantic costume contest!

The 13th Annual Cabaret Macabre

For over a decade, the Cabaret Macabre has existed in various forms as hosted by The Bad Things. This year, Cabaret Macabre returns to Columbia City Theater on Halloween for an evening of music and cabaret performance with high Halloween pageantry.

Sister Kate’s “The Seance”

Join the Sister Kate Dance Company as they channel the spirits of jazz rhythm in their exciting new Halloween-themed show, THE SÉANCE.

The Shadow Knows

Seattle-based Sandbox Radio recreates the classic experience of old-style radio magic, with modern touches. This all-new episode—created just for Halloween—presents new plays, songs, poetry, and adaptations of classic literature, all scored with live music and sound effects.

This Is Halloween

Can Can’s seasonal Halloween show is an extravaganza of live orchestral music, cabaret, burlesque and video projected sets inspired by Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

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