Why We Love Seattle Series: Dick’s Drive-In

Seattle has a plethora of locally sourced, gluten-free, vegan, and organic food available, but let’s be honest, sometimes you don’t want any of that. Enter Dick’s Drive-In – for every Seattleite’s favorite $2 non-organic, extra-gluten, cheese-filled burger.

The first Dick’s opened in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood in 1954. Little has changed since then, including the large, revolving “Drive-In Restaurant” sign beckoning to the hungry masses with a clear promise of the type of food they serve. And prices are astoundingly inexpensive: $3.10 gets you the biggest burger on the menu.

Notorious for being a “cash only” establishment for decades, they recently decided to finally start accepting credit and debit cards in September 2016. This is a big deal for those of us who rarely carry cash, and for a restaurant known for being steadfast in their constant reluctance to change. The last time the menu changed was in 1982, when they started serving Diet Coke and stopped serving orange soda.

What is it about Dick’s that makes them so special? They will tell you it’s their product: The beef patties are “fresh, never frozen, and delivered locally every day.” Their fans will tell you it’s more than that. They have an enviable compensation rate for employees that includes 100% healthcare coverage for anyone working over 24 hours per week and their children, college and trade school scholarships, childcare assistance, paid community service hours, and a very strong commitment to helping homeless youth and families in the Seattle area.

More than six decades after the first Dick’s opened its doors, there are now six locations around the Seattle area, each open seven days a week until 2:00 am, so your greasy burger cravings can be gratified pretty much any time, day or night.

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