What to Expect in Housing Affordability

What to Expect in Housing Affordability | Windermere Blog | Windermere Real Estate Posted in Economics 101 Videos and Market News by Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist, Windermere Real Estate What keeps Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner, up at night? Housing affordability. As the U.S. Population moves towards both coasts and the Southwest, putting upward pressure... Continue Reading →

Seattle Is Diverse as Ever

According to the FYI Guy and the geographic diversity index, Seattle ranked #3 with a score of 79.3, only behind Las Vegas and Colorado Springs. In fact, the Seattle Times states that “if you were to compare any two Seattleites at random, there’s about a 79 percent chance they were born in different areas of... Continue Reading →

Market News from Matthew Gardner

Historically low inventory levels, how we got here, and what to expect in the coming year The housing market is performing remarkably well, with the exception of incredibly low inventory levels in many areas throughout the country. Why is this happening? Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner, explains why and offers his predictions for what we... Continue Reading →

A Peek into the Future

The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) trade show took place last week in Las Vegas. If you thought last year's best technology from CES was cool, this year brings a whole new meaning to "innovation." Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator Samsung's latest smart device was unveiled at CES this year and it might be something you have to see... Continue Reading →

2016 Economic & Housing Forecast

The National Economic Forecast 1.The U.S. will continue to expand with real GDP growth of 2.3% in 2016. Although a positive number, the forecasted rate of growth suggests that we will be modestly underperforming in 2016.  On a positive note, oil prices are likely to remain well below long-term averages, which puts more money into... Continue Reading →

The Windermere Foundation Wildfire Fund

We are deeply concerned about the ongoing impact of wildfires throughout the Western United States this year. Eastern and Western Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and Western Montana have been hit particularly hard by rampant wildfires this summer. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, 65 known fires are raging throughout the states we serve, displacing... Continue Reading →

Will millennials be ‘perma-renters’?

This article originally appeared on Inman.com  Several factors have kept this generation renting, but they won't last forever Takeaways: Many believe that millennials will continue to be renters and not homeowners for various reasons. The first of the millennials were not even in a position to consider buying until roughly 2008. Credit has become tighter for... Continue Reading →

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