Unique Furniture Stores of Seattle

Buy local and find those one-of-a-kind pieces you’ll never see anywhere else. Looking to add some pomp and flare to your dwelling? Yearning for a unique piece to tie the room together? Look no further. Each of the stores on this list are small, independently curated boutiques, perfect for finding one-of-a-kind furnishings, vintage pieces, and home goods with a... Continue Reading →

2017 Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show

A fur-ocious competition with the most paw-some and glamour-ruff dogs outside of Paw-llywood To say Seattle is a dog lover’s city is putting it mildly. Off leash dog parks, pubs that allow dogs, dog-centric parades, and doggie daycare centers have become the norm for our fair city. With all of these dog lovers in one... Continue Reading →

Dining Out With Dogs

If dogs truly are man's best friend, they can't always be left at home. So, we recently asked our #WinderPup friends to give us some suggestions for dog-friendly hot spots around town. Typically you’re encouraged to not bark orders at people, but we'll make an exception for these Fido friendly businesses. Norm’s Eatery and Ale... Continue Reading →

Wearable Tech Isn’t Just for Humans

Wearable technology has quickly gone from the pie in the sky, to an everyday essential accessory. In fact, we're pretty sure we see more people with Fitbits than without. Now wearable technology is even available for dogs – and no we aren't referring to the radio-tracking collars that have been around for decades. The latest doggy gadgets can be... Continue Reading →

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