New Year’s Eve at Home ~ With Style

Invite a few close friends to ring in the New Year with an easy, intimate party at home.

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Ten Ideas for New Thanksgiving Traditions

Most of us already have our “ways” of doing Thanksgiving – ways our mother did it, ways our extended family did it, ways our neighborhood did it. Thanksgiving doesn’t lend itself well to trying out new traditions, but sometimes the situation calls for it – you can’t make it home for Thanksgiving, for example, or […]

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Prepping your Kitchen for the Holidays

Check spices that may need restocking You may think your spice rack is well-stocked, but before you hunker down for the holiday, double-check expiration dates and give them a sniff test. Spices can go rancid or lose their flavor and scent entirely. Audit your Pantry A well-stocked pantry of coffee, tea, soda, and snacks is […]

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