Ballard’s Getting Even Greener


Remember those new pristine town homes we told you about back in January? We have some info that will sweeten the deal: The City of Seattle is building a brand new park on the same intersection: 14th Ave NW between NW 59th and NW 61st Streets. Seattle Parks and Recreation says, “This section of Ballard is one of the areas of the city without enough parks and green spaces. The park will make 14th Avenue NW a safer and more pleasant place to walk, cycle, or drive.”  They approved the design and funding back in December and they start construction Late-summer or fall of this year, with a completion date in early 2016.

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Ballard’s Getting Green


Granger Family Homes is building four new pristine town homes on the corner of 14th & NW 61st ST in Ballard. They are about 120 days out, looking at a completion date around mid-March, 2015. These are 4 Star Built Green Townhomes that are priced in the low $600’s.

What does “Built Green” mean? Granger Family Homes says, “It’s more than just using energy-efficient appliances. Green building means making environmentally sound and sustainable decisions throughout the building process—from the building site, to the landscaping, to using sustainable materials and rapidly renewable resources. It involves optimizing water use, air quality and planning an energy-efficient design.”

Given the already quick market, we think know these lovely things won’t be on the market long, so come March you better grab one quick!

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