The Amenities Millennials Want

LinkedIn recently told us that 4,279 new apartments were added to Seattle’s local inventory last year, and based on the number of cranes you constantly see around the city, we believe them. With so many choices, Millennials are getting really specific about what they want in a living space and the lifestyle it provides them. Here are... Continue Reading →

Will millennials be ‘perma-renters’?

This article originally appeared on  Several factors have kept this generation renting, but they won't last forever Takeaways: Many believe that millennials will continue to be renters and not homeowners for various reasons. The first of the millennials were not even in a position to consider buying until roughly 2008. Credit has become tighter for... Continue Reading →

2015 Is the Year Millennials Start Buying Homes

Millennials, who make up one-third of the population in the States, haven't been buying homes at the same rate as previous generations of young people. Due to the Great Recession, college grads have had a hard time finding jobs and an even harder time getting mortgages with their not-so-great credit scores. Tack on the mountain of student... Continue Reading →

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