Decorating Your Seattle Home in Ultra Violet: Pantone Color of The Year 2018

Each year, design pros eagerly await the Color of the Year announcement from the experts at Pantone®. No matter what the hue, it’s always sure to make a splash—and home goods are no exception. From appliances and décor to tile and paint, manufacturers will start rolling out options to match (and complement) the Pantone Color of the Year.

Pantone® Ultra Violet is the pick for 2018. This is no shrinking violet: It’s a deep blue-purple that isn’t for the shy. No wonder that the Pantone announcement referenced icons known for showmanship like David Bowie, Prince and Jimi Hendrix.

Embracing a color this bold into your home might seem like a giant leap, but it could make a big mood difference in your home during the long, grey days of Seattle winters. We have assembled a few ways to incorporate Ultra Violet into your home – some large and some small.

Make an Entrance

violet door

Painting your front door adds instant curb appeal. Red’s a classic hue and teal is an up-and-comer, but this entry’s regal purple is a real knockout.

Set the Scene

violet wall 2

Funny thing about purple: Though we tend to think of it as a scene-stealer, cooler shades in the blue-gray range can work almost like neutrals. Here, purple walls marry an eclectic mix of midcentury-inspired décor.

Look Around

purple ceiling

You’ve seen the accent wall. How about the accent ceiling? A rich grape hue adds an unexpected twist to this bedroom’s gray walls and white trim. It gets extra punch from the peek of red seen through the doorway.

Consider Texture and Sheen

violet wall

One secret to pulling off a jewel tone like these royal purple walls: Choose a matte finish. Shine plus color can be hard to pull off, but a flatter finish is, well, flattering.

Add Statement Furniture

violet furniture

If you’re planning on using Ultra Violet in a bedroom or living area, consider incorporating it in a piece of statement furniture. In this case, the pieces will act as the focal point of the room, since it will undoubtedly capture plenty of attention. With that in mind, bed frames, ottomans and reading chairs are excellent options to fill this role.

Opt for Accessories


For those who are a bit nervous about jumping into a design full of intense shades, keep in mind that you can always incorporate Ultra Violet into your accessories. These are a great starting point because they generally include lower-cost items that can easily be replaced when your tastes change or if you decide you’re not a big fan of the look.

Home Decorating Trends Expected To Last Through 2018

Home décor and design trends are an ever-changing landscape by nature. Consumers grow weary of seeing the same colors and styles, and who doesn’t love to freshen up their home with a few new throw pillows? Some trends can be fleeting and you might feel resistant to jumping into them if you’re afraid that this year’s color of the year is next year’s Harvest Gold.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, there are several trends in home decorating right now that are so popular, she doesn’t see them going away any time soon.

Geometric Patterns

Geometrics are seemingly everywhere right now; from backsplash tile, throw pillows, and bedding to wallpaper – the biggest commitment of them all.



The popularity of this trend is not exactly new and it doesn’t appear to be losing any steam. Whimsical pillows and framed art with sweet messages seem to be the new text message of the home, inviting guests and proclaiming love for our friends, families and home town. In a world where Instagram and Pinterest appear to have taken over our lives – it’s no wonder we are so fond of these visual and tactile messages of inspiration, love, and comedy.


Wood treatments

The presence of technology, especially a year from now, will have us craving natural elements like wood more than ever. Expect to see wood in unexpected places like ceilings and as accent walls. But this won’t be your Grandparent’s wood-paneled basement from the 50’s. Think one accent wall of rustic, reclaimed wood with natural aging, or elegant box-beamed ceilings.



Already very popular in fashion, fringe edging in small doses adds texture, softness and evokes a home-spun feeling that is endearing and blends well with other trends right now, like wooden accent bowls and handmade ceramics. Expect to see it used in more areas like blankets and curtains, as well.



Metallic accent furniture continues to become so popular, it has been referred to being “the new neutral”. Along with larger pieces like coffee tables and dining room tables, iridescent fabrics and wall art are also becoming more readily available to add a little sparkle to a room. Don’t think that this means you’ll need gold-plated columns erected into your home. Vintage finds from thrift shops and DIY projects like painting old furniture are also a fun way to bring this trend home.

copper vases

Intense colors

Anyone who is active on Pinterest knows that dark wall colors in vivid tones are wildly popular right now. In stark contrast to the bright and lively Greenery, chosen as color of the year by Pantone, the Benjamin Moore Paint Company chose their color of the year to be Shadow 2117-30. They describe it as “Allusive and enigmatic — a master of ambiance.”

Clearly a bold statement like this isn’t for everyone but an accent wall in a room that is not too small or dark already could be an amazing feature. Paired with metallic and lots of white furnishings and the effect is dramatic and glamorous.


6 Ways to Incorporate the Color of the Year in Your Home

Photo 4The Pantone Color of the Year was announced a couple of months ago and we can’t express how awesome these colors are apart, let alone together. For the first time Pantone introduces two shades as the Color of the Year 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity are a fusion of warm and cool; promoting not only a non-traditional color match, but also gender equality. Here are six different ways to integrate these heavenly colors into your home.

The Bedroom

The easiest way to stay up to date with the latest design styles is through your bedding. Start with a neutral comforter, then pick Rose Quartz or Serenity colored sheets. Every time you get into bed you’ll get a little reminder of what these colors represent: an antidote to modern day stresses. Whether you choose the warm embracing tone of Rose Quartz or the cool tranquil Serenity blue, you’re ensured a soothing sense of order and peace. This is the perfect way to relax at night and make sure you wake up on the right side of the bed.

The Kitchen8654727749_aaf53634ba_b

A SMEG fridge is about the cutest way we can think of to jazz up your kitchen. These adorable fridges will add a pop of color
and a retro feel to your home. Think of it as an ode to 2016 and the amazing year you are going to create for yourself. If you don’t want to commit to the Color of the Year in the form of an appliance, add some towels or kitchen decor.

The Bathroom

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, go bold and opt for Rose Quartz or Serenity colored tiles. If tile is a little too permanent, opt for a new rug and towels in one of these lovely colors. Perhaps you should get new towels to go with the newly improved room because who doesn’t love a reason to get brand new fluff?

The Dining Room

This one is easy. It’s all about the tablecloth and napkins in Serenity with a touch of Rose Quartz – or visa versa. You can easily accent your table with fresh flowers in this year’s colors too (we’re thinking pink peonies). If you’re really serious about color, invest in some dinnerware or serving pieces as well.

Photo 3The Office

Offices are often the forgotten room in a house where function overshadows form. Why not spruce up your office by painting the walls (or at least one wall) Rose Quartz or Serenity? You can also add a touch of color with desk accessories and an accent pillow on your chair.

The Closet

This is essentially its own room right? It’s beginning to look a lot like spring and we think you should celebrate the end of winter with a little shopping. Here’s some inspiration for how to add this year’s colors into your wardrobe in a seriously sleek and classy style.

For more ideas and color pairings, check out the Color of the Year site.