Neighborhood Spotlight: Mount Baker

Located just south of I-90, and running south to Genesse Park, Mount Baker is a neighborhood that is definitely reaping the benefits of a booming real estate market. Taking their name from the sweeping views of Mount Baker to the north, this neighborhood is a great cross section of what Seattle has to offer. On the water... Continue Reading →

Neighborhood Spotlight: Floating Homes

For more than 100 years, floating homes have helped define Seattle’s social culture and maintain its reputation as a place where unconventional modes of living are enjoyed. The thriving houseboat colony on Lake Union, made famous in the 1993 film Sleepless In Seattle, attests to the continuing desirability of this unique lifestyle. House boats have... Continue Reading →

4 Reasons to Sell Your House Now

1) Sale prices are at all-time highs. Home prices in King County hit new highs last month. The median price of a single family home sold in King County in February was $514,975, a whopping 20% increase over a year ago. The median price in Seattle was up 24% to $644,950. The Eastside's median price... Continue Reading →

Finding Mr. Right

Seattle is having a moment. "Finding Mr. Right," a 2013 Chinese romantic comedy stars our wonderful city, much like "Sleepless in Seattle." As most people know in the Real Estate world, there is a huge influx of Chinese buyers in this area and these movies help show them what Seattle is all about. Tere Foster, one of... Continue Reading →

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