First Day of Autumn

Even though it happens year after year, the arrival of autumn is always a little surprising. Almost as if on a switch, one day late in the summer you feel it – a subtle crispness in the air. And before you know it, it’s pumpkin-spice-everything everywhere. We are suddenly swathed in sweaters, wearing boots, and... Continue Reading →

Seattle Farmers Markets Guide

Farmers markets have traditionally been a gathering of the tribe as much as a collection of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables.  In recent years the culture and excitement behind farmers markets has expanded to become kind of a low-key celebration of urban community and country food. It’s a place to eat, drink, enjoy music and... Continue Reading →

Giving Back: Summer Camp Grants

If you’ve been to camp, you’re not surprised to hear about the benefits of summer camp. Experiencing life at camp yourself as a child, you know the profound positive effects that still matter to you as an adult. Unfortunately going to summer camps can be expensive – especially for families that are struggling to make... Continue Reading →

Have a Blast in Seattle this Fourth of July

This weekend will mark 240 years since 56 members of the Second Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence during the early years of the American Revolutionary War. But why celebrate the Fourth of July with colorful sparks and loud booms? The tradition can be traced back to a letter John Adams wrote his wife... Continue Reading →

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